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You’re invited to the hottest Back to School party on campus complete with frat house rivalries, naughty games, scavenger hunts and of course initiations!  Pick your team by dressing in theme:

•Alpha Beta Thigh: Togas
•Freaks & Geeks: glasses with tape, pocket protectors, suspenders
•The Plastics: Barbies, cheerleaders and sluts
•The Virgins: plaid, schoolgirl, bobby socks
•The Jockstraps: sportswear, all American Frat boy
•The Rebels: leather, non-theme attire and anything else that doesn’t fit with the above categories.

Willing participants compete against rivalry frats by participating in (optional) naughty games and initiations to win points.  The team with the most points at midnight wins a round on the house and the MVP from the winning team wins a free evening at Eden. (Note: Participation in our frat games is optional but is a great way to get to know other members of the club)

Roll Call is 9pm for this event.  Arrive on time or you just might get spanked in the Principal’s office.

As always, our resident DJ will be mixing the latest top 40, top 40 remixes and sexy house with vocals while you show your sexiest moves on the dance floor all night long.

This event takes place on the unceded and un-surrendered land of the Halkomelem speaking people.  We acknowledge the Indigenous people of past and present who have experienced a legacy of exploitation and subjugation under colonization.  We honor with gratitude the land itself and the Peoples who have stewarded it throughout the generations.  We are committed to creating mindfulness around our roles of the past, correcting stories around practices that have erased indigenous history and culture and honoring the truth.  

**For the latest details regarding our COVID 19 & vaccination policy, click here.  This event will be subject to all current COVID protocols.  



Dress as sexy as you DARE in preferred Eden attire or suggested theme attire.  See details above.



Gov’t ID for verification.  (No outside drinks permitted)



To RSVP, please login using your Eden email addy.  Or, to become a member and attend our sexy parties, apply for membership today.  There’s no application fee and it only takes about 3 minutes to apply.  Once your membership is approved, you’ll be able to login and register for your first party.   Ticket prices are inclusive of applicable membership fees.



It is your responsibility to know before you go.  Please take the time to review our consent guide to understand:

How to ask
How to say NO
How to report a violation
How to help

​Consent is a community initiative.  And we CAN NOT do this without your help.  We have thousands of members and only a few staff.  As such, we need this community to collectively help by politely reminding others of the requirement to first GET CONSENT…then get sexy.



Single gentlemen must be sponsored by and attend with a member couple or female member of the club in order to attend unless otherwise specified (ie. select hikes and community events).

And remember that we have a “wait to be invited” policy around sponsorship.



Attending any Club Eden hosted or Club Eden Sponsored event, party or function; or participating in Club Eden online activity signifies that we (and any guests we bring) have read and voluntarily agree to Club Eden’s Terms and Conditions which may change at any time and from time-to-time. You acknowledge and agree that the most current version shall apply.