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The Invisible Orange presents: DEICIDE with guests: KRISIUN, INFERI, and CLOAK!
The legendary death metal band formed in Tampa, Florida in 1987 by current and surviving members, drummer/composer Steve Asheim, and bassist/vocalist/lyricist Glen Benton. The band rose to mainstream success in 1992 with their second album Legion, and is credited as the second-best-selling death metal band of the Soundscan Era. Since their debut album in 1990, Deicide has released twelve studio albums, one live album, two compilation albums and two live DVDs. In November 2003, their first two albums, Deicide and Legion, were ranked second and third place respectively in best-selling death metal albums of the SoundScan era. Deicide is known for being uncompromising and crafting some of the best, most punishing Death Metal music in their three decade-plus of existence. The band recently released their 13th album, “Banished By Sin” on April 26. 2024. Expect the most intense, brutal and savagely catchy slab of Florida Death Metal!
Brazilian death metal band formed in 1990 by the Kolesne brothers, Max (drums) and Moyses (guitar) and Alex Camargo (vocals, bass). The band was briefly a four-piece act before deciding that they worked better as a trio.
Formed in 2006, INFERI is an American technical melodic death metal band forged from the depths of Nashville, Tennessee. Upon their resurrection in 2011 like a phoenix from the ash, the 2014 release of “The Path of Apotheosis” spread like wildfire gaining worldwide attention. That legendary flame was soon fueled by the thunderous firestorm of their 2018 release entitled “Revenant”. Featuring legends such as Trevor Strnad from The Black Dahlia Murder and the shred god James Malone from Arsis, “Revenant” landed at #26 Hard Rock albums and #28 on the Billboard’s Heatseekers charts solidifying them as a household name in the underground technical death metal scene. This led them to embark on several tours across the world with bands such Rivers of Nihil, Archspire, Shadow of Intent, Signs of the Swarm, Brand of Sacrifice, Obscura, and more.
Atlanta gothic/black metal entity exploring themes such as: darkness, spirituality, death, and the unknown.
Ages 19 and over.