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Get ready for a night where rebellion meets high fashion at Descent: Chaos and Couture on July 21, 2024. This isn’t your typical punk night; this is Descent’s most daring event yet, blending the raw energy of punk with the avant-garde flair of couture.

Hosted at the iconic Red Room in Vancouver, Descent offers a space where the fierce and the fabulous come together for an unforgettable night. With its signature crimson walls and moody lighting, the venue transforms into a playground of anarchic elegance, setting the perfect stage for this extraordinary event.

Our resident DJs are geared up to deliver the soundtrack to your wildest night. DJ Surreal will kick off the evening with an explosive mix of punk classics and modern anthems that will have you thrashing on the dance floor. DJ Joshy Neurotic takes over with a set that seamlessly blends punk rock with post-punk and hardcore, ensuring the energy never dips. Closing out the night, DJ MissBDeath will surprise and delight with her eclectic selection, spinning everything from punk pop to gritty underground tracks that keep the chaos alive.

But Descent: Chaos and Couture is about more than just music. It’s a celebration of style, individuality, and the fearless spirit of punk. Attendees are encouraged to don their most audacious outfits—think safety pins, leather, spikes, and a touch of glam. This is your chance to showcase your inner punk icon, with a sartorial edge that screams rebellion and creativity.

As you step into the Red Room, you’ll be greeted by a community that thrives on acceptance and expression. Descent is known for its welcoming atmosphere, where everyone from seasoned punk veterans to curious newcomers can feel at home. It’s a place where connections are made, friendships are forged, and individuality is celebrated.

Throughout the night, expect spontaneous performances, punk fashion showcases, and perhaps even a surprise or two. The air will buzz with the electricity of guitars, the pounding of drums, and the collective heartbeat of a crowd that lives for the thrill of the moment.

So mark your calendars for July 21, 2024, and prepare to dive headfirst into the chaos and couture of Descent. Whether you’re there to dance, to be seen, or simply to soak in the unparalleled atmosphere, this is one event you won’t want to miss. Join us at the Red Room for a night of raw rebellion and high-fashion havoc, and become a part of Descent’s legendary legacy.

Event Code of Conduct


Yes means yes. Always obtain explicit verbal consent before engaging in any physical or intimate activity. If someone doesn’t give a clear “yes,” then it’s a “no.” This applies to all conduct within the club including, but not limited to, physical touch, photographs, recording video, etc


Communicate your boundaries clearly to other attendees. Be clear. If you feel that setting boundaries will jeopordize your personal safety, please approach a Descent Staff Member


Approach any Descent Staff Member for support on any issues that are a cause for concern. For confidentiality, staff may not be able to disclose the outcomes to you. Trust that staff are following up. If you still feel it’s not being addressed, ask to speak to DJ Surreal.


Reported inappropriate behaviour will results in warning from Descent or club staff. Staff will be monitoring for further infractions after a warning has been given. Failure to comply with requests or warnings from staff can result in being asked to leave the event.


Any form of repeated harassment, assault, or non-consensual behavior is grounds for immediate removal from the event and potential further consequences. Please treat all attendees and staff with respect. Let’s keep this a fun place to be for everyone!