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There comes a point in every tarot journey where we need to take the next step and engage in practical hands on experience. This event is intended to provide a safe and fun atmosphere, in which as a group we can explore the art of tarot reading. Furthering your skills as a reader and deepening your connection to the cards.

The workshop will open with a brief introduction into a tarot related topic that is intended to offer knowledge that goes beyond the basics. An opportunity to ask tarot related questions will be provide. Next we will engage in a quick intuition opening exercise and then we can dive into exploring specific spreads and spend the second half of the workshop practicing reading for one another.

This workshop is intended for those who have already taken Intro to Tarot Part One and Intro to Tarot Part Two, or have at least a basic working knowledge of the card meanings. The focus will not be on learning the basics but rather on going deeper with our understanding of the cards and receive practical experience in reading for others.

Feel free to attend this event on multiple occasions as different topics and spreads will be discussed each time and the benefits of practicing with others will prove immensely helpful in developing your skills as reader.

Please bring your own deck of tarot cards and a notebook. Tea to be provided. Overseen by Paige of Ritual & Rosehip.

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