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Time to prepare and get ready to plunge into the heart of the deep, dark jungle and lose yourself in the hypnotic beats of DJ Alex Ramos (Miami) at PRIMAL: Menagerie’s wild and tantalizing dance party. This electrifying event promises an unforgettable night of deep, dark, and sexy rhythms that will have you dancing until dawn. As the beats pulsate through the air, you’ll be mesmerized by our alluring gogo beasts, who will keep the energy high and the excitement in full gear.
Our gogo beast, Shane, Andrew, Chadwick, Bryan, Anuar, Zaid, Georgy, and Test, each bring their unique charm and allure to the dance floor, ensuring a night full of thrilling performances and captivating moments.
Prepare for this primal adventure, embrace the jungle theme with these safari wear ideas:
Cargo Shorts: Practical and stylish, cargo shorts are perfect for carrying essentials while keeping you cool as you dance the night away.
Animal Prints: Show your wild side with bold animal print tops or bottoms, adding a touch of untamed fashion to your ensemble.
Leather, Jocks, and Harnesses: A sexy harness can add an edge to your look, highlighting your physique and fitting perfectly with the jungle vibe. Or dare to bare, a jockstrap offers a bold and provocative style that’s sure to turn heads.
Camouflage Gear: Blend into the jungle theme with camouflage attire, for a rugged, adventurous look.
Get ready for a night of untamed fun and wild adventure at PRIMAL
Industrial warehouse
Doors 9pm