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Rockabilly RoundUp Presents The BOP!
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Vancouver’s legendary Bop rock n roll hot rod party returns in it’s 23rd year!
Musical performances by;
Peter and the Wolves from Calgary AB
Butch and the Lowbrows from Vancouver
Dave Monks Combo from Vancouver
Dj Greasy Reece & Dj McGillicutty
Coming August, a long-standing Vancouver tradition will continue in the heart of Strathcona. The Bop, an event presented by Rockabilly Roundup, is steeped in tradition. Back in the days of expensive cel phone plans billed by the minute, dial-up modems and paper bus transfers, Vancouver had a jumpin’ music scene. American Roots music in particular was at the forefront of this vibrant live music culture.
Among the many rockin’ venues at the time was now legendary Marine Club. Almost as old as the venerable musical genre itself, it became the de facto home of Rockabilly in Vancouver. This was the place where Rockabilly Roundup came into existence and kept downtown rockin’ every Saturday night.
An annual event at the Marine Club was the BBQ Bop, or ”The Bop”. Other than hot dogs, it featured all day and all night Rockabilly bands and traditional hot rods from near and far.
After many years Rockabilly Roundup has sought to keep this tradition alive. An 8 year run at the Fairview Pub kept all things greasy alive and well, including The Bop , held on the rooftop parking lot. Sadly, the long-abandoned shell of the Fairview is still there, a decrepit reminder of many defunct music venues.
Enter Michael Brennan. A very old and beautiful building in the city’s oldest neighbourhood was slated for destruction. In condo-crazed Vancouver, this came as no surprise. Thankfully it was saved and in a space that once housed a mom n’ pop hardware store, The Heatley rose like a phoenix out the ashes. Michael is dedicated to live music , with a definite penchant for American roots music. Some call the movement Rockabilly Revival, but it did not require reviving as it never went away since its inception in 1955. It just remained obscure.
There will be three rockin’ bands playing at The Bop. Two generations of Rockabilly cats that keep the torch burning bright.
In the Early nineties , The Nervous Fellas emerged as one the premiere Rockabilly bands and gained notoriety around the world. Singer and Frontman Butch Murphy, spread the gospel of Rockabilly to all who would listen. Butch is back with a stellar line up of musicians to keep on preaching the word. Butch and the Lowbrows feature Juho Uuraslahti and Ken Egeland from the Lowbrows, Ben LaBorie from the Still Creek Bros and Reece Linley of Rip Carson fame. All of these cats have had the distinct honour of having been on the Marine Club stage at one time or another. This will be rockin’ and if you were just a DNA molecule back in the 90’s , you will experience what Rockabilly was like back then.
On the other end of the spectrum is wunderkind Pete Cormier. Peter and the Wolves often make the trek across the mountains from Calgary to grace our city with some killer music. Pretty much a prodigy, multi-instrumentalist Pete has the innate talent to light up a room and usually raise the roof clean off the place wherever he might be playing. As well as slingin’ the guitar or swingin’ the piano, this singer/songwriter writes most of his rockin’ material that sounds like it was straight out of the fifties. Many cats will wanna burn their guitars after seeing his performance.
A newcomer on the scene, Dave Monk has been rocking local venues to much acclaim. His jump n’ jive usually gets the joint jumping. Often playing with local guitar legend Steve Nikleva ,Dave has proven himself to be a true believer. His band ,The Dave Monk Combo will rock that stage.
Speaking of true believers, DJs Greasy Reece and McGillicutty will provide tunes in between sets, playing authentic Rockabilly sure to get the joint nice n’ greasy
There will be many very cool cars parked around the venue as well, and by cool , I don’t mean ’74 Vegas with huge engines and big fat tires. There will be traditional hot rods and original 50’s cars. There should also be a few of us greaseballs lurking around.
This will truly be a rockin’ event , the likes of which are rarely seen in this town. The mantra that we have been using for almost a quarter century still applies : BE THERE OR BE SQUARE !
Serge Lotosky
Vancouver BC
Traditional hot rods & customs 1959 and earlier come on down, street parking available fcfs on Hastings and on Heatley. Burnouts at your own risk!
Sponsorship by Stanley Park Brewery and MAGNETOS C.C., outdoor seating area, full kitchen menu available, 50/50 draw.