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Three electric bands to dance and scream to:
ROUGAROUX post punk/ experimental/ hard rock/ doom
Rougaroux is a trans and Métis fronted six piece band. It’s a challenging task to put them into a single genre category. They are heavily inspired by prog rock, old school goth and punk, noise, and emo music. They’re good for a high-energy mosh pit, screaming along in your car with tears running down your face, and finding community with other queer punk adjacent folks. to quote: Rougaroux is a trans and indigenous fronted post-punk experimental project, defying lines of genre, and screaming into the void, willing a better world into existence through the power of friendship and chosen family.
Rougaroux will be celebrating the release of their latest single, ‘Mean Well’. It’s one of their weirder tracks, and has been highly anticipated.
AK747’S punk/ doom/ hardcore
AK747 is a household name in vancouver’s punk landscape. Their characteristic chaotic landscapes of guitar harmonies are paired with gut-wrenching lyrics which speak to a searing observation of the flatly and casually accepted horror that characterizes our nightmarish age. They are high energy, exceptionally moshable, and a sonic expirience that will leave you changed. (Quotes pulled from their recent LP, ‘I love what you’ve done with the place’ bandcamp writeup)
THE BRAHMANKIND whimsy prog/ post punk/ dance rock
The Brahmankind is a sonic expirience like no other. Whimsy prog is a self-coined description, and it could not be more apt. It’s impossible not to find yourself grooving along with them, as they weave a magic spell across their audience. to quote: Their eclectic music is inspired by diverse cultures and genres. From high-energy grooves to intimate ballads that offer solace to the weary, their repertoire encompasses blazing guitar and organ solos, odd rhythms, alluring harmonies, dynamic group vocals, and even moments of electrifying screamo.
The Famous Fox Cabaret will be hosting this event, with doors opening at 7pm, and music starting at 7:30 sharp. Each band will be playing a 30 minute set, with the night ending at 10:15.
Advance tickets cost $15 online, and additional tickets will be available at the door for $20. If you need a PWYC ticket, please message Rougaroux on instagram and we’ll get you sorted.
This is a 19+ event.
This show will be taking place on the unceded territory of the Musqueam, Squamish, and Tsleil-Waututh Nations. No one is free until we are all free. To be an artist is to fight for a better world, and as such we will be collecting donations to forward to Operation Olive Branch, a grassroots collective that is coordinating the funding campaigns of families in Gaza escaping genocide. This will be available at the merch booth.
Notes on Accessibility:
The entrance to the fox is at sidewalk level, and there are no stairs throughout the main floor. Doorway dimensions are not available online, but both entry doors are double wide. Both washrooms are gender neutral, and are equipped with accessible stalls. The upper balcony area is only accessible via stairs. The venue does not sell earplugs, we would reccomend bringing them. If you have any other accessibility needs please send Rougaroux a message on instagram and we’ll do our best to help.