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Welcome to Dark Matters & Mischief Magazine, your monthly guide to the vibrant alternative scene in British Columbia, Canada. As a FREE magazine, we are dedicated to listing a diverse array of events that cater to goths and the broader alternative community. From gothic gatherings to punk concerts, EBM parties to cyberpunk festivals, we ensure there’s something for everyone who revels in the unconventional.

At Dark Matters & Mischief, we celebrate the depth and diversity of alternative subcultures. While Goth is the heart and soul of our publication, we embrace and explore the myriad facets of the alternative world. Our articles delve into topics that matter to our readers, from music and fashion to macabre history and DIY culture.

Created by passionate members of the gothic community, our magazine is a labor of love designed to unite and inform. Whether you’re a longtime enthusiast or new to the scene, Dark Matters & Mischief is your go-to resource for discovering the best of British Columbia’s alternative events and culture.

Pick up a printed magazine each month as we uncover the dark and delightful corners of our community. Embrace the mischief, explore the matters that move us, and connect with kindred spirits.

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